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“Vincent” by Don Mclean Many books and songs have a hidden, deeper meaning to them. Don McLean’s song “Vincent” is one of these. Don McLean uses poetic techniques to show Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh’s life throughout the song. In the song lyrics, the audience can become aware that Vincent suffered a sad and tortured life and that he was misunderstood in his time. The poet uses the lyrics of “Vincent” to express Vincent’s difficult life. Don McLean does this via positive and negative connotation and subtle meanings in verses. Happy lines such as “ sketch the trees and the daffodils” and “in colours on the snowy linen land” are followed by a more solemn chorus with lyrics such as “how you suffered for your sanity”. Also, the positive tone at the start of the song turns sad and depressing nearer to the end with verses involving suicide and rejection. This technique creates a sense of contrast in the song. The positivity at the start of the song indicates happiness but later the sad lyrics suggest that…show more content…
This is created using poetic techniques such as repetition. A part of the chorus is repeated throughout, namely “They would not listen, they did not know how, perhaps they’ll listen now”. This optimistic view changes as in the last chorus, where it is replaced with “They would not listen, they’re not listening still, perhaps they never will...” The use of repetition instills the hopeful message into the audience, making them think that maybe Van Gogh isn’t crazy and that people actually understood him. However, the last chorus ends with a more bleak line, where the audience realises Vincent Van Gogh’s eternal struggle. As this is the end of the song, the reader/listener is left with a very strong impression that nobody really knew Vincent or comprehended the genius that he was during his lifetime. “They” will never comprehend what mastermind Vincent

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