Argumentative Essay On Cumberland Falls Cliff

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Megan Elisabeth Sizemore English 102 MWF (1:25-2:15) Professor Billy Mullen 25 February 2015 Lovers Leap Cumberland Falls State Park is located southwest of Corbin, and is the largest waterfall on the Cumberland River. Many people consider the Cumberland Falls as the “Niagara of the South,” the gorgeous waterfalls and walking trails have been attracting visitors for over a century. The view is dramatic during the day, but is truly special at night. Several people visit this staggeringly beautiful spot nestled in the mountains to see the famous Moonbow, only visible over the falls on nights of a full moon. Whether you're planning to stay at the exquisite DuPont Lodge, or rent one of the many cabins in the area, Cumberland Falls and Cumberland…show more content…
She wanted to show her family and friends the beautiful falls that she and her new husband got to experience. Like any bride, she wanted the most perfect pictures to remember her special day by, that's when the bride started climbing up a nearby hill in the cool evening light. The woman playfully danced near the edge of the cliff, filled with joy at beginning her new life. But that life came to a sudden, unexpected end. Moving towards the edge of the cliff to pose, the young bride lost her footing and stumbled to her death, nearly 75 foot below into the rippled waters of the Cumberland Falls (Folklore Myths and Legends). Today this overlook is now called Lovers…show more content…
The latest version of this story dates back a little over six years ago, a man and a woman were to be married at the lodge of Cumberland Falls. On the night they had planned to get married, the groom called to say he was running late. Hours passed and the man never showed up. They were getting ready to go searching for him when the news came that the man had been killed in a car crash, while trying to get to his future wife. The woman was so upset over her fiances death, that she went to the top of the falls and jumped off the rocks known as Lovers Leap (Specter). She roams Cumberland Falls still today, in remembrance of her husband. Till this day, several tourist say they see a young girl in a wedding dress haunting the spooky mountains surrounding the Cumberland

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