What Is Shackleton's Failure

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Leadership and management skills are critical components towards the success of any venture. Leadership and management skills ensure that a situation remains under control through the application of particular skills. There are several aspects that require implementation of natural skill set to guarantee success. Shackleton’s expedition was marred by several problems that required him to act quickly. He had leadership and management skills that enabled him to control and use the situation as a launching pad for the next mission. However, there are several failures that came as a result of his management and leadership skills. Shackleton started the expeditions as early as 1901 under the NAE to explore the South Pole and identify the unexplored lands. During the time, countries used to explore and claim the new lands by the use of their flag. In the first instance, Shackleton can be seen as a role model who even after his expedition failed he used the chance to re-invent. After the ship was partially destroyed by ice before he could arrive at the land, he rallied his followers and changed the exploration to a survival mission. Shackleton illustrated a few of his leadership and management skills during all the expeditions even though he never accomplished his goals. The issue of Shackleton and his failure can be summarized as one that resulted…show more content…
Shackleton decided to command the ship, and it continued out of impatience. The expedition continued until they came to the sight of Antarctica mainland. The pack ice trapped the ship just before the voyage reached ashore. Shackleton’s failures to complete the expedition are based on the mistakes of his leadership and management skills. If he could have held, and partially rely on the information of the local South Georgian seamen, the voyage would have been a

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