What Is My Dream To Live In A Town Essay

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My dream is to live in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. I dream of walking up the long tiled driveway, to the grand red doors with beautiful golden door handles. When you walk through grand doors, there would be a magnificent library with bookshelves going up all the way to the glass ceiling. The bookshelves are so high that you have to climb a ladder to get to the top. When you exit the library, you see the family room, which is a massive circular room with windows all around, and a hallway on each side. On the right side, is the living area. This would be where I have my master bedroom and even a room for dogs. The master bedroom has a beautiful beach house look to it. You get a nautical vibe from just merely stepping in. The sheets are striped salmon coloured which look phenomenal on the king sized bed, and the walls are painted eggshell white with decals of palm trees and waves. In the far corner of the room, there would be a bathroom. This bathroom would have an extraordinary shower and an underwhelming ordinary toilet. The shower would be a round…show more content…
In the backyard, there would be a garden with a big gold fountain in the center, which is around 20 feet tall and erupts water out the top every 30 seconds or so. The kitchen would also be outside but covered by a roof so the food isn't touched by rain. The kitchen would be built out of brown wood, and have a Hawaiian vibe to it. I would net the kitchen so animals cannot enter. There would be a fridge which is also accessible while you are swimming in the pool. There are nice white cupboards full of food that makes the whole backyard smell like cookies and pop tarts. On the smooth marble countertops, I would always have someone making me homemade chocolate chip fresh cookies that I can eat poolside. At night, I would go to my hammock with a nice book, and listen to the waterfall and relax until I dozed

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