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People do not realize how much the world will be affected by taking away hunting rights. Hunting helps people gain vital information about survival in the outdoors. Health risk lower greatly when eating wild game. Hunting allows people to become physically fit. By allowing people to hunt it will help keep the wildlife population under control. Hunting wildlife allows people to learn about: the outdoors, how to lower their health risk, how to get good exercise, and the importance of maintaining the wildlife population. Hunting gives people a sense of the outdoors and the way their ancestors use to live. Hunting teaches one how to navigate if they become lost. By knowing how to hunt people can hunt their own food and cook it themselves. Identifying…show more content…
Animals in the wild are not getting pumps full of antibiotics like the animals raised on large farms. Animals in the wild tend to be much more active than animals kept in small feeding barns. Due to the fact that wild game may be more active they become a lot more leaner. When animals get penned up their whole life they can not receive the exercise that wild animals receive. Since wild game may be leaner than other meats the calorie count goes down. Hunting provides people with a great deal of exercise. Hunters encounter a huge amount of physical exercise when they walk around scouting out place to put a tree stand. They also get exercise when they plant food plots to attract wild game. When going on deer drives hunters get an enormous amount of physical activity. Many people do not realize it, but hunters receive a lot of exercise when simple sitting in a stand. They try to breath silently so their game does not get scared away. Hunting rights should not be provokes because, if the hunters do not hunt there becomes an over abundance of wildlife. If there becomes an over abundance of wildlife disease starts to spread and it can wipe out an entire species. Also when food becomes scarce in wildlife dies from starvation. Wildlife, mainly deer, cause a majority of most car accidents. If the population of wildlife is not controlled, then there will continue to be more and more car

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