What Is Harriet Tubman's Legacy

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Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman also known as Araminta Ross was a black women who escaped from being a slave when she was 39. She was a lady who NEVER gave up on helping people escape from slavery. Her legacy was never give up no matter how hard it got. She was a leader because she helped thousands of slaves escape from slavery and never lost one. I chose Harriet because she led thousands of people out of slavery, wouldn't stop helping,kept going through everything bad that happened in her life. She is a leader and left a legacy. Harriet led thousands of slaves to safety and never got caught. She put herself in danger because she didn't want black people to be slaves or treated like she once was. Harriet took 19 trips to Main and back, Harriet was a women who wanted to keep helping free slaves because she knows how bad being one is. "I can say what most conductors can't say-I never run my train off track and I never lost a passenger," Harriet Tubman once said before she died. Many conductors were not like Harriet they would…show more content…
Harriet wouldn't let other people come in the way of her freeing slaves, she would also never let one slave go back. Whenever one tried she would pull out her gun because they could risk her and the other slaves getting caught . "I grew up like a neglected weed-ignorant of liberty having no experience of it, why would I let other people live like that." That's something Harriet said when people kept asking her why she kept going back even though she was free.That’s a reason why she wouldn't stop helping. Harriet wouldn’t let people come in the way of her freeing slaves. Harriet once said, “Every dream begins with a dreamer.” Harriet was a dreamer and dreamed that blacks would have freedom or at least some rights. She made sure that it happened. That’s another reason why Harriet is a

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