What Happens When America Loses Its Union Summary

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What happens if America loses its unions Harold Meyerson’s argument in his article is based on what how America could be different without union in the future. He claims that America is almost to the point where they don’t have any more unions, the rate unionization has fallen down to below seven percent, and the decrease of economic is affecting union-free America. The decreasing economic middle class is scratching back of the job-related benefits. Labor unions are the workers that work for many different types of industries. Today America still has a lot to go before they reach to a point where they may lose their unionization or to its turning point and gradually increase. America will not look like the post world war two when they lose their union workers. meyerson notes that America is almost to the point where it is going to look similar to post world war two but eventually down the road union workers will find ways gain power to stock back up their dropping rate that has been fallen for awhile. Since America is not close and have a lot of time before it gets to the point, which means unions can…show more content…
In fact, there is no point that it is saying that America is going to have no unionization in the future. The past two years the unionization rate has not dropped but stayed the same. Unionization rate has been decreasing but it been going up and down as decreasing every year. The only reason the why there was a steep decline of unions is because there new laws that lowered the power of unions. However there are still at least over seventeen million unions left out there that still have jobs and making good incomes. Around ages “between” forty-five to sixty-four has the highest union membership rate. Every day there are jobs being created which should help increasing little bitt at a

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