Movin Utmutesi's Surviving The Slaughter

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One thing most people want is safety and security. They want to feel safe and secure, and not for themselves but their family. They want to make sure no one they love ever get hurt in any situation. In the book “Surviving the Slaughter” by Marie Beatrice Umutesi, she had to survive the Rwanda genocide and the unrest in the Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo area. She was a Hutu woman who looked Tutsi because her mother was a Tutsi. The Tutsi rebel forces called the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) was attacking areas in Rwanda because of the oppressing the Tutsis people were receive from the Rwandan government that was mainly Hutus. Due to this, Umutesi fled the forces and left her home with her family and twenty-five other people. They constantly had to flee for four year before her and her family was safe.…show more content…
This is what people have to deal with today. It is not the same terror, but to them it is a life and death situation. People may have to deal with poverty where they have to struggle to find food and shelter for their family. People would do anything so things like this will not happen. Some people have to lives under a dictator rule. This makes them fear for their life because anything could be a case for death in that country. Some people may live in a bad neighbor where it’s run by gangs. They are trying to protect their family from criminals that may rob and kill them. While they hope that they are not the next victim. This is close to what Utmutesi had to deal with. People who are in war stricken lands runs from the military that are fighting just like Utmutesi who fled from RPF and the war between the Hutus and Tutsis. IT does not matter how big or small the situation. People will make sure their family is safe. Even in America where people do not see this. People will be defensive and try everything to safe their family in things like driving, public places, and in their own

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