What Does Volleyball Mean To Me Essay

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I am a volleyball player. When I think about ways to describe me, those five words are the first to pop into my head. Everybody has that one thing that takes their mind off of absolutely anything, whether that thing is a person, an animal, music, or a school subject. My one thing is volleyball. The minute I step onto the court, in practice or in a game, everything from earlier in the day is gone. It’s gone for the next 120 minutes of my life. The only thing on my mind during that 120 minutes is my team and keeping that ball off the ground on our side of the court. This game isn’t always a complete escape from stress. Playing volleyball comes with some stress of it’s own, but it’s the kind of stress I don’t mind having. It’s the stress I love to have. All of the pre-game jitters. All of the exhaustion from back-to-back games in…show more content…
It’s taught me how to be a true member of a team. There is no room for a huge ego on the court. It takes a passer, a setter, and a hitter to make a great play. Every girl brings a different set of skills to the table and all of our skills compliment each other. These skills combined create a show-stopping team. Volleyball has also taught me to never give up. There were times where we were down by twelve or more points and we came back to win the entire game. As long as you don’t give up, anything on that court is possible. The most important thing this game has taught me is how to believe in myself. I have been working since seventh grade to become the player I am now. When I first started playing, I didn’t have very much confidence and I made a lot of mistakes. Now I pray for the ball to come to me because I know I can get it to my setter to make a good play. I am known as the best back row player on our team. I start every game and barely ever sit on the bench. I am so proud of how far I have come. Now I know that I can do anything as long as I believe in

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