What Does The Jack Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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Have you ever read lord of the flies and thought is there something more to this story? While reading lord of the flies, by William Golding, I realized his ways of symbolically showing any human has a savage side of them. William Golding uses characters and objects like Jack, face paint, Roger, and the beast as showing evil within them. He symbolically shows and builds up the meaning of the symbols to show the evil that we are capable of. Jack symbolizes savagery and face paint means the evil which has come over them to become total beasts. As jack develops in the book, he begins to enjoy the feeling of killing and hunting the pigs. He seems to start off as just wanting to just kill and be uncivil and bestial, then makes a tribe of savages and hunts down the main mother pig. He becomes so evil, they use face paint to cover their faces to symbolize their transformation to pure savages. The paint shows they no longer are the kids who once were civil. They are now beats who show their savagery through death. Thus,…show more content…
During the book, roger was actually the evil one, almost Satan like, since the beginning of the book, in chapter 4, where the kids start losing sight of civil society and he started throwing rocks at the little ones. He just evolved as jack came out to be a savage too. However, Roger was the more evil satanic one, which shows when he killed the pig gruesomely, cut off its head and put it on a stick that he struck into the ground. The kids turned so bestial that they wanted to go hunt the beast, which instead ended up killing Simon, but there wasn’t really a beast because the beasts were within themselves. The beast was the fear that mankind has in themselves. The beast was fear that soon turned them to savages against their own beliefs of their mind. Which leads to believe these two symbolic symbols mean the evil that we have and can come out just like all the Nazi’s came
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