What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Progressive Tax System

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Countries need to fund various services for the public, in order to do so they place taxes on products and the citizens’ incomes. An effective tax should be simple and fair to all people no matter how much their income is. Currently the United States has a progressive income tax system.The progressive tax system is where people with a higher income are required to pay a higher tax rate because they should be able to afford it. Regressive tax makes lower income taxpayers pay a higher rate than higher income taxpayer. Proportional income tax is where everyone has an equal tax percentage (Oklahoma Policy Institute, 2008). The current income tax is unfair to the higher income tax. They work hard for their money and deserve what they made. The government thinks that higher income people have a lot of extra money, so that they can afford to take care of others. Progressive tax is currently being used by the United States of America. Democrats prefer this tax system for the benefit of lower income taxpayer. People with more money can afford the high tax burden. Many western countries use the progressive tax system. Progressive tax can lower the will of workers to move up to a higher income because of the rising income tax (Progressive Tax, 2009). The pro to this is that the higher income can…show more content…
It can have a greater impact on the lower income. Everyone still needs to buy the basic necessities of life and the poorer side will still have to pay the same as the higher income. therefor leaving no money left over to pay taxes. Instead of them complaining about it, they can just go out and foil to get a higher income. The government’s budget relies on taxes, therefore if the rich had to pay less then the budget would decrease (Meehan, Colette, 2015). Also IRS employees might actually lose their jobs, because the lower income will not have money left over to pay taxes and higher income will pay less (Meehan, Colette,

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