Atticus Monologue Analysis

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Look at Atticus in his fancy clothin’ and talkin’ with his fancy English to others outside of the town courthouse. Who does he think he is to be questionin’ me and trickin’ me in public? I’m just as equal to Atticus and to every other white man in Maycomb. What are people gonna think of me now? They’re gonna regard me as trash after being embarrassed and humiliated by Atticus. He may think that he is all so great but I’ll just show him who’s greater. I swear the next time that I see that ole’ Atticus I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind. He has absolutely no right to trick me, or to ask such oblivious questions to my Mayella like “Did you scream first at your father instead of at Tom Robinson” and “Who beat you up Tom Robinson or your father?”…show more content…
Everybody in town knows that Tom and all the other blacks in Maycomb are practically the dirt at our feet. We whites are better than them. I know that the jury is on my side, and we whites are all equal. Even though I’m poorer, yet they are still poor, how can they think that they’re any better than me. I knew that they couldn’t possibly believe what Tom and Atticus had to say. Everybody in Maycomb knows that I’m right ‘bout how Tom was the one who took advantage of my Mayella. I’m even furious that Mayella almost told the truth ‘bout what I really done to her. For her actions I’m gonna teach her a lesson ‘bout what happens when you don’t listen to me. Mayella isn’t gonna have such as a easy time getting away for what she’d almost done. But what I do know is that Atticus ain’t gonna live a peaceful life cause he ain’t gettin’ off the hook this easily. I swear I’m gonna dedicate every ounce of my energy to making his life miserable. I’m gonna get revenge for what he did to me and for what he said in the court room, jumping to conclusions ‘bout what I did to my…show more content…
I swear the next time that I see that man I’m gonna ruin his day. Perhaps I could just kill Atticus one night. That would be the most extreme way of takin’ my revenge; howeva’, there is always a chance that I’ll be caught red handed and blamed for the murder of Atticus. I could be prosecuted and be proven guilty of murderin’ Atticus, then spendin’ my whole life behind bars. Others in Maycomb may be saddened and infuriated that Atticus had been murdered and may try to find and kill the one who murdered Atticus. People may be on to me and I would be livin’ a life of hidin’ and runnin’ away. I could always spit in Atticus’s face. That would be the most simple, direct, and disrespectful. This would be a direct intention of disrespect that Atticus would clearly see. I probably won’t be prosecuted for such a small action, as long as I do not hurt Atticus physically. Another way to get revenge upon Atticus is to hurt his family. His family means everything to him. If I were to get my sons to hurt Jem or Scout, Atticus might be scared for that his children are gettin’ beat up. Howeva, if I do that, I may get into a heap of trouble ‘cuase I was the one who planned to make a threat to Atticus’s children. All these actions require a great chance of gettin’ into trouble, some more than

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