Weight Gain In Pregnancy Essay

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Weight gain in pregnancy is natural and considered healthy for both the mother and baby. The weight of pregnant ladies is monitored by their obstetricians to make sure that each month the expectant mother gains a certain amount of weight. While the weight gain is good during the pregnancy, most women are afraid that they will not be able shed the excess weight after delivery. The fact that social media is full of stories of celebrity moms bouncing back to their pre-pregnancy weight and shape within a few weeks of their delivery creates a lot of pressure too. Women feel that there is something wrong with them because of which they are not back to their pre-baby weight fast. This can have a bad impact on their mind and make them feel depressed.…show more content…
It helps in feeding nutrients to the child, developing a bond between the mother and the baby, and burning up to 500 calories or more per day. A balanced diet with the necessary nutrients for both you and the baby can help you lose a few pounds without any exercise. Taking Naps: New-born babies need constant care and attention. And since most babies do not sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time and need to be fed, cleaned, etc., it can result in sleep deprivation for new mothers. Lack of sleep can make you crave unhealthy foods and also eat in bigger quantities. If you take naps during the day to make up for the lost sleep while the baby sleeps, it can help you feel somewhat refreshed and alert enough to make good eating choices. Eating Well: Whether you are breastfeeding or not, your body still needs a lot of nutrition to gain back its strength. After pregnancy care involves a balanced diet that has all the nutrients in the right quantities. You can ask your doctor to recommend supplements if you think that you cannot meet your nutritional needs with your diet. This will not only help you attain your pre-baby figure but also a strong body. Make sure that post pregnancy weight loss is not your main focus since this can make you restrict your diet that can have a bad impact on your health in the long

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