We Ll Do It Like The Italian Job

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“We’ll Do It like the Italian Job” By: Tatyanna Hunter “The Italian Job” was released on May 30th 2003. The original movie, also titled “The Italian Job,” is a British film that was made in 1969. Troy Kennedy Martin wrote the screenplay for it; the movie is not based on a play, novel, or any other adaptation. The director is Corey Yuen and Donna and Wayne Powers did the screenplay for the movie. Wally Pfister is the cinematographer and there were two editors: Richard Francis-Bruce and Christopher Rouse. “The Italian Job” is considered an action and a thriller. I really enjoyed this move and it certainly provided enough action and thrills for me. The story made a lot of sense and has a positive message. The story makes sense because what happened in the movie world could’ve happened in our real world. For example, if a friend betrays another friend in our world, most people would try to get revenge on their friend for betraying them. In the “Italian Job” movie world, a friend betrayed a group of friends and the group of friends wanted their revenge on the traitor. Also, they wanted to get their gold back, but that’s another matter. There is only one big difference between how the movie world…show more content…
I was able to really feel close and connected with the characters. Even though I was in my bed under the covers just watching the movie on Netflix, sometimes I felt that I was there in the movie with the characters feeling what emotions they felt and going through whatever obstacles they faced. One of my favorite parts was when Charlie said “We’ll do it like the Italian job.” I loved that part because they said the title of the movie in the movie and because it was also a reference to the 1969 “The Italian Job” movie, which I thought was a sweet gesture. No matter how great the actors are or how pretty the scenery is, no movie is a success if the movie isn’t

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