Case Study David's Severity Of Harm

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For posing a danger to self or others, an analysis of three criteria measures must be taken into account. The first criteria measure is the severity of harm. David’s violence has ranged from verbal abuse to physical assault. The severity of harm in David’s case would possibly be considered a moderate severity of harm to others. To himself, David’s severity of harm is rather low to moderate. Though he is unkempt and unhygienic, and his outward appearance and apartment show, he is not actively attempting to starve himself or consider suicide. David scrounges around for food, trying to make ends meet due to his unemployment, so he is actively searching for food to take care of himself and his mother. One prominent incident of possible harm to…show more content…
To others, David’s violence has occurred sporadically over a few years, with the physical attacks (known to us) spanning less than a year’s time from one another. Towards himself, David’s likelihood of harm has been low since no recorded attempts of self-harm or attacks on himself were recorded over a span of time. David lashes out at others when he does not get his way, especially when it comes to his mother. The third criteria is the imminence of harm, which is high in David’s case towards others. Both of David’s arrests occurred in a time span of less than year. If the present time frame is considered to be the month of February in 2008, David’s imminence of harm is extremely likely. However, David’s imminence of harm can be interpreted as low, if the physical assault is considered a one-time incident due to frustrations David was dealing with. David has never physical assaulted others before; he’s only used hate words. On the other hand, David has a consistent pattern for dangerousness and a rather manipulative personality and does not take his medications, making him more prone to violent acts. David has been treated multiple times for his aggression and was even sedated due to his

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