Walter Wink Just War Analysis

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Walter Wink disagrees with the just war theory and believes that the idea that there can be just wars should be abandoned. Even the phrase, should be abandoned, according to him. “Just War” implies that there are wars that are just and that the church has the authority to discern which they are, although he states otherwise has happened. “No authoritative Christian body has ever, prior to the commencement of fighting, decreed that one side or the other is justified in warfare on the basis of just war criteria. Instead the sorry record reveals that Christian churches have usually simply endorsed the side on which they happened to find themselves” (Wink, 131). Most Christians assume that any war that they feel is just, or merely necessary and…show more content…
He states that Jesus abhors both passivity and violence. He uses a quote from Matthew 5:38-48 to support his argument that reacting to evil with nonviolence is what Jesus wants. “But I say to you, do not resist and evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also” (Matthew, 136). Backhanding is used to insult or humiliate. Jesus says that you should refuse to accept this kind of treatment, so if they backhand you, turn the other cheek because by turning the other cheek, it is impossible for a person to backhand you again. With turning your other cheek, you are standing up for yourself and not reacting with violence or evil. He states that these actions taken are not nonresistance to evil but are active nonviolence. Instead of being passive, you can be proactive, aggressive, and courageous by reacting to evil with nonviolence. Wink states that Jesus’ teaching on nonviolence forms the charter for a way of being in the world that breaks the spiral of violence. Basically, he says that Jesus is not telling us to give into evil but to refuse to oppose it on its own terms. He states that he is urging us to avoid mirroring evil and to refuse to let the opponent dictate the methods of our opposition. This is a way to fight evil with all our power without being transformed into the very evil we

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