Different Cultures In The Film, Grand Torino

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There are five main characters in the film; the first main character is played by Clint Eastwood who is Walt Kowalski. Clint Eastwood incorporates a strong characteristic in the movie; this of introducing a feud between cultures gives the movie an interesting spin that captures the viewer's attention. Walt Kowalski was in the Korea war, U.S. army veteran that brings this angry at the world kind of attitude. He lives in a low class neighborhood that once was a white neighborhood and now it is filled with poor Asian Hmong immigrants. He has some problems with his Hmong neighbors; a family consisted of a grandmother, the mother and two main characters: the daughter named Sue and the son named Thao. Sue and Thao’s cousin Fong "Spider" is a leader in a gang of the neighborhood, he tries to make Thao join his gang and makes him try to steal Walt's precious Gran Torino. After Thao's attempt, Walt and Thao…show more content…
One example begins when main character Walt Kowalski attends a BBQ hosted by his neighbors. Though he displays open displeasure with his hosts, he slowly begins to let down his guard and even manages to mingle with the large ethnic Hmong group gathered there. In one scene, just as he is beginning to show signs of trying to open up, he reaches down and pats a young girl on the head as he passes her in the living room. In another scene about cultural conflict, Kowalski goes to visit his doctor. Apparently it had been a couple of years since his last visit and he was unaware that his previous doctor had retired. The new doctor, an Asian American, had difficulty pronouncing his name. Visibly displeased with having this happen, an occurrence not unfamiliar to many minorities in this country, the scene goes to show yet another example of Kowalski’s ethnic

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