The Dreamers Belonging Analysis

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Through the play of the Dreamers, the Aboriginals are clearly distant from their culture and their identity in today’s date. Although being aborigines, there is no urge for Shane and Eli to learn their traditional language to be more connected to their culture mentally and spiritually.. With reference to the play The Dreamers by Jack Davis, It serves to show the importance of language to a cultural identity as it provides sense of pride and self-worth towards one’s own identity and also greatly aids in keeping the culture alive and thriving. The major role of language to a cultural identity is to demonstrate how it be responsible for making a sense of self-worth within ones own culture. At the beginning, Worru opens the play with a beautiful…show more content…
The repetion of the word “gone” in Worru’s soliloquy highlights how the proud aboriginal culture and heritage has lost its vibrancy and vanished as repercussion of the colonisation. Languages contain complex understandings of a person’s culture and their connection with their land. Shane and Meena’s lack of understanding towards Nyoongah language suggest how this privation of communication might cause their language to degrade, initiating their culture and heritage to collapse. Preventing their culture from demeaning, individuals from the Dreamers play make an effort to keep the culture alive, eg Shane’s wiliness to continue to take care of Worru at difficult times shows how their culture is still alive as the close knitted-family is one of the beautiful trait in aboriginal families which is still alive. Davis applies his heritage language throughout the play, the nyoongah language, which helps Worru to continuously share the dream time stories which have been passed down generation to highlight the strength of his language which drives him to educate the future Aborigines. Whilst sharing a dream time story, it is disrupted by Peters comment of “its getting’ too morbid”, which highlight how individuals for the coming generation are not prepared to listen to the pain inflicted on their ancestry, therefore keeping distance from the dark knowledge. Younger member of the Wallitch family are becoming more distant from achieving a self-pride as they are beginning to lose in touch with aboriginal language and culture. As when Darren the white boy ask Shane to translate a word, the only thing he says is, “don’t ask me, I wouldn’t have a clue” signifying how loss of the language is causing cultural values and beliefs to fade out. Other characters in the play idealise Worru, Peter & Roy are always listening to the dreamtime stories. Meanwhile Meena ask a lot of

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