Walter Mitty: Comparing The Book And The Movie

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Walter Mitty the movie is so much better than the book. The movie has a longer setting and a bigger plot to it. The book doesn’t really tell you much about his life and how he is. The first reason that I like the movie more is that Walter Mitty actually goes on a journey and it isn’t all a daydream. Walter Mitty goes on a journey to Greenland, Iceland, and to a erupting volcano all to find his friend. Then he found out he needed to go to the himalayan mountains and that was where he could find his friend to get the 25th picture. He ended up finding out that he did get the 25th picture. It was in the wallet his friend sent him as a gift. Another reason is that Walter Mitty doesn’t have a wife nagging him all the time about daydreaming. Walter Mitty is single looking for a girlfriend. Walter Mitty has a friend on eharmony that is helping him out with his troubles. Walter Mitty’s troubles are that he can’t find the right one to be with. The woman he knows he wants to be with thinks she is still married. When he finds out they aren’t he is being all nice to her trying to get her to like him. Then he gets a longboard to give to her son and thinks that she got back together with her husband but she didn’t. So when he finds out he asks her out on a date.…show more content…
First he has to make a choice to get on a helicopter with a drunk pilot or not. Second he has to jump out of the helicopter to the boat but lands in the water. Then Walter Mitty has to try and escape a shark in the water to get on the boat. When Walter Mitty gets to Iceland he has to race people to a bike so he can get to where he is going faster. He crashes the bike so he trades a stretchy doll for a longboard and skates down a huge hill and almost gets killed by an erupting volcano in a

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