Walt Disney's Effect On Young Girls

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DISNEY'S EFFECT ON YOUNG GIRLS What started off as a small rodent on a steam boat quickly turned into an array of thin waisted, big eyed princesses that are idolized by their young fans. That world famous mouse grew into a corporation worth over fifty-seven billion dollars, and as Walt Disney once said, "Disney will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is still imagination left in the world." The oh-so-perfect princesses that have stemmed off of Mickey Mouse success are not only an international sensation, but a necessary part of any girls childhood. From the classic disney princesses, to the modern day drama queen, Disney has been portraying women unrealistically and providing young girls with role models that cause…show more content…
From 1937-1959 Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella were born. They were temperate, passive and the classic idea of beauty. They all dreamed of a prince to save them, but so did most of the women around this time. The princesses that were born between 1989-1992 (Ariel, Belle and Jasmine) are curious, rebellious and adventurous but still needed a man to save them. However, Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa (1995-2013) are gutsy, stubborn and brave. Although Disney has made improvements on the princesses personalities, visually, Disney needs to make some improvements. Their hair and features are perfect, their waist is tiny, their eyes are huge and their skin is flawless. Its all very unrealistic. On the 30th of October 2014 Huffington Post released photo shopped pictures of Disney Princesses with realistic waistlines. If all of the Disney princesses looked the those pictures, less girls would have eating disorders. Take Ariel (the little mermaid), for instance. She has long, flowing hair, an amazing voice and a tiny waist. On the other hand, the is the evil sea witch, Ursula. She is overweight, extremely lazy and all around unpleasant. To the young, and very impressionable, minds of little girls they will associate beauty with being paper thin and associate being overweight with being…show more content…
Although Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were physically unable to save themselves, they needed "true loves kiss" to save them. Cinderella on the other hand never dreamed of a prince but she still need to be saved by the mice, her fairy god mother and her prince, who whisked her away to a beautiful palace to escape her awful living conditions. Ariel was a bit different. She was rescued by Eric at one point but she has also rescued him from drowning. Never the less Ariel was still technically saved. Belle was no different. Saved by her (strange) prince. Princess Jasmine gets saved several times by Aladdin. Pocahontas, although her independent status, was saved once or twice. You may snicker and think 'Mulan never needs to be saved' but even though she is not technically a princess, she still needs to be saved. When Shang found out that she was a woman he ignored the law and did not kill her and if I remember correctly Shang also saved her from Shan Yu later on. Similarly to Mulan, Tiana, although independent, is saved by prince Naveen when the frog hunter capture her. Most people think that Rapunzel is saved the least, but honestly, I think she is saved the most. She depends on Flynn to get her to the 'floating lights', Gothel saves her from the Sabbingtons and Flynn saves her from Gothel. Merida is known as the 'anti-damsel' but she might be the one princess who gets saved more than

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