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Dr. Jörg Muth COMM1312 Writing and Research Fall 2015 Assignment 1 Template & Grading Rubric: BB Submission Due Date: September 8,2015 Write a research proposal on a selected topic. Use the following template with your information. 20 points =5% Title: How Walt Disney has changed the animation films industry? Assigned grade Student Grade 1. General statement about your research topic in 5-10 sentences. Start with very general introduction of the problem; then write its historical background. 5 points 1. Charles-Émile Reynaud projected the first animated movie in the cinema in 1892. 2. From 1892 – 1930, the development and changes in the animation filed were very slow 3. Walt Disney is known as the leader of the animation…show more content…
On each of these 5 subtopics, write 5 sentences explaining what they are and how they affect the main topic. 10 points 1.Disney gave the character of a full personality. - Oswald was one of the first cartoon characters that had personality. - Oswald was rejected by Universal Company, but Oswald was the success tool for Disney. - Mickey Mouse, the famous cartoon character, is “so human” - Disney creativity could combine between the personality of human and the habits of animal in all the animal characters. - While writing scripts, Disney Studios deals with all their characters as full personality beings. 2. Walt Disney made the first full colored animated movie, Flowers and Trees. - -Disney is the first animator produced a movie with full-color three-strip technical colors. - It was the point when all the producers tried to get the new technique. - The use of the new tequie make Disney able to make changes to his old dissapointing serieses and fix them. 3. Disney made the first full fully sound, cartoon, Steamboat Willie. - Steamboat Willie had been released soon after Dinner Time, which was the first animation movie with sound - Walt Disney used his voice for Mickey…show more content…
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