Walmart The High Cost Of Low Prices Essay

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Many documentaries are designed to be favoured through particular readings. These favoured or intended readings are positioned to dictate the audience to accept and agree with what the documentary is portraying. Thousands of associates across the world are employed by the multinational corporation, Walmart. Robert Greenwald, the producer and director of Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices, positions the audience to believe that this dictatorial company is destroying many aspects of American life. Greenwald has cleverly manipulated the conventions, technical and symbolic codes of this documentary to achieve the intended reading. The impact on the communities, small businesses, the economy, the environment and the wellbeing of its customers has been described as the "true" nature of the company. Undoubtedly, viewers are intended to despise Walmart…show more content…
Firstly, the history of the Esry family’s hardware store is presented to the viewers as utilised archived footage. Furthermore, due to Walmart’s obvious neglect for the state of the environment, news reports are used extensively. One specific report exposes the negligence of the store where natural elements are subjected to fertilisers and other chemicals that are stored haphazardly in the carpark. Additionally, news reports uncover Walmart’s disregard for their customers with the alarming increase in crime committed in the Walmart carparks. Finally, former members of staff and representatives from small businesses are directed with interviews discussing the affects Walmart’s presence has on the American communities. One particular interview exposes Walmart in a light of ‘racism’. Due to an ex-associate’s cultural background he was treated in a discriminative way. Therefore, this documentary invites their intended readers to feel a sense of distrust in the company with the use of conventions throughout this strategic

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