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Have you ever heard about an animal that heart is the same size as Volkswagen Beetle? Exactly you haven’t, there is a lot of excitement things you will learn today. You will learn about the scientific name, the description of the animal size, description of its habitat, diet, mating and breeding, and the animal’s status. The scientific name is Balaenoptera musculus. The description of the blue is that it is very difficult to imagine how big it is, the whale is the size of three school buses. It is the largest animal inhabiting the earth. The records show that the whale is over 100 feet long. The blue whale heart beat can be heard two miles in the ocean and the heart is the same size as a Volkswagen Beetle. An average whale adult is about 20,000 to 30,000 pounds. Blue whales are overall blue-grey color. Blue whales are long and streamlined.…show more content…
Blue whales swim individually or in small groups. Pairs are very commonly seen. Approximately 2,000 blue whales live off the coast of California and migrate to Mexico and Coasta Rico. The blue whale is found mostly in cold and temperate waters, and it prefers deeper ocean waters to coastal waters. Like many other baleen whales, it feeds in cool water and high latitudes, and generally migrates to warmer temperate and tropical waters to breed and give birth. "Blue Whale." WWF -. Web. 10 Sept. 2015. The diet of the blue whale consist of eating four ton of krill three times a day, which equals to 40 million a day. If you are wondering what a krill is, it is a shrimp like creature which lives in every ocean in the world. Mostly blue whales feed on krill, fish, and crustaceans. Blue whales dive 100 m deep down into the ocean to find them something. A blue whale can digest 8,000 pounds of krill during the blue whale peak consumption period. A whale can intake about 2,200 pounds before their stomach can get

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