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Having someone spell my name wrong is my biggest pet peeve. Throughout my life, there hasn’t been one instance where someone has spelled my name right, before asking if it is spelled differently. My name, Allysa Alexandra D’Aguanno, I believe it isn’t that hard to spell or pronounce, but for others it’s a challenge. My name doesn’t bother me, I kind of like it; it gives me a uniqueness that can only explain who I am. According to, the name Allysa, comes from an Old German and Hebrew derivation meaning “noble, great happiness”. When I think of someone with great happiness, I think of a person that wakes up every morning with not even the slightest bad thought; a person whose main goal is to be positive and spread positivity.…show more content…
Also,according to, the name Alexandra means someone who is bold, independent, a planner, and belongs in a place of authority. These characteristics of the name, Alexandra, are the total opposite of how I would describe myself. Before I was born the name Alexandra was already chosen as my middle name. When my sister was born her name was supposed to be Cassandra Alexandra D’Aguanno. My parents decided to change her middle name to Cassandra Josephine D’Aguanno; after my great grandmother. I am not a bold, independent person; I don’t like to take risks and I am not as brave as some people can be. I have a comfort zone that I will never stray away from. Last summer, I was at my friend’s graduation party, she live’s on a lake so she decided to take out her canoes. I am absolutely terrified of open water; I just think that if I went on the canoe, I would fall in. When I was asked if I wanted to go in the canoe, I immediately declined. I was too afraid, I couldn’t stand up to my fears. My middle name seems to be a total mistake, since it doesn’t really describe the person I am. However, Alexandra, was a middle name destined for my sister, as it portrays her personality to a tee. My sister would jump at the opportunity to do anything, even if she was uncomfortable with it. I’m someone who isn’t brave or fearless, I just stick to what

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