Vertical Jump Lab Report

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Introduction: The goal of this experiment was to statistically find any correlation or trends involved in different genders’ ability to jump in respect to the participants’ calf size and weight in kilograms. These two factors play a major role in determining how high a male or female can jump vertically. If a participant in the experiment weighs more, it is likely that they will not be able to jump as high as a student with a lesser body weight. Calf circumferences were measured to see how much fat was on the student’s leg. The rest of the calf was assumed to be muscle, and muscle is a key contribution to a high vertical jump height. Leg muscles are the prime components in what moves one’s legs and feet to help them jump higher. The taller…show more content…
The graph shows that as the calf circumferences get higher, the height vertically jumped decreases. There is not a large decline in the dropping of the trend line, but due to the decrease the relationship of male’s leg circumferences to vertical jump height is noted as a negative correlation. Figure four shows a representation of female vertical jump heights compared to their leg circumferences. All of the points on the chart are dispersed throughout the graph, but it does show that as the calf circumferences build in size, the jump heights diminish less and less, which shows that there is a negative correlation. Figure five compares the range of male and female jump heights together. It shows the females on a steady straight line, showing that there is no significant jump heights, they are all relatively close. The female range is a low of 25.21 centimeters and a high of 33.29 centimeters. Figure five shows the males are significantly above the female’s jump heights, showing that a male has a greater chance to jump higher than a female would. The male range is a low of 30.96 centimeters and a high of 44.6 centimeters there are no overlapping in the male and female jump

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