Comparing Lawrence And Lee's Inherit The Wind

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In Lawrence and Lee’s play Inherit the Wind the power of religion goes against the right to think. The movie begins with the arrest of Bertram Cates for teaching Darwin’s theory in his classroom. Matthew Harrison Brady has been hired as the chief prosecution attorney and Henry Drummond has been hired for the defense. The first day of the trial ends with an announcement about a prayer meeting and Drummond arguing the announcement shouldn’t be allowed. At the prayer meeting Reverend Brown curses his own daughter, Rachel, as well as Bert and anyone who sides with Bert. The next day Brady calls Rachel to the stand and uses the thoughts Bert told Rachel against him. Drummond calls Brady to the stand as the defense’s witness and starts asking him questions about parts of the Bible that don’t match up with the laws of science. The final day of the trial Bert is found guilty and is sentenced to a fine of one hundred dollars and a two hundred or five hundred…show more content…
Do you figure that actually happened? ... BRADY I believe in a God who can make a whale and who can make a man and make both do what He pleases! (Lawrence and Lee p.88) Drummond got his point across and Brady is slightly shook up. Drummond can be known as the antagonist. Some of Drummond’s questions regarding the stories from the Bible could have been answered rationally, but Brady didn’t have the answers. The majority of the spectators are religious, making Drummond’s slightest wins even more impressive, he got them to laugh at Brady. Act III ends the play with the sentencing of Bertram Cates and the death of Matthew Harrison Brady. The resulting tension from the rising action building into a second major division, the climax, occurs as the jury comes back and the judge asks for the verdict: JUDGE Gentlemen of the Jury, have you reached a decision? SILLERS Yeah. Yes, sir, we have, Your Honor. JUDGE The jury’s decision is unanimous. Bertram cates is

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