Freshman Fifteen Research Paper

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Topic: How to survive Freshman Fifteen Overview: College is extremely different from high school there are many different choices when in high school you were stuck with the same unsatisfying school lunch. Here at Western Michigan University there are many different food choices in which may cause individuals to experience dramatic change in their weight other known as freshman fifteen. Everywhere you turn here on our campus you spot a cafeteria or a cafe like Flossie’s located on the second floor in Sangren Hall. How many freshman's typically go back for that second plate? Do freshman usually eat their leafy green vegetables? How long do freshmen spend in the dining halls? The goal of my project is to help Western Michigan's freshman avoid…show more content…
Freshman are easy to spot during their first week here at Western because they will be wearing those colorful wristbands, and everyone on campus know that that person is freshmeat. You will typically find these individuals hanging out in the dining halls pretending to study when they are really deciding what else should they go grab to eat. They might even sit outside Flossie’s Cafe and play on their cellphones. Feasibility: I know I will begin by placing myself in the dining all around the most busiest times of the day Lunch and Dinner. Many freshman like to gather in Bigelow and or Bistro 3. I am a extremely vigorous person so it is easy for me to make friends. Once I make you my friend I will then learn more about you and your school classification ( freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). If you are a freshman I will begin to watch what you eat and how much of it. Research Plan: I will place myself inside the dining halls for long periods of times, while making new friends and scoping out their food choices. I plan on taking notes in the notepad located on my Iphone 6 plus in which individuals will not know what I am doing on my device. If my plan does not work I will place myself in different dining halls or cafes, and do not worry about my meal plan because I have a twenty meal plan which is too much for

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