Use Of Propaganda In The Hunger Games

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Propaganda is the telling of lies to a group of people to make the source or the nation look better than they really are. Propaganda has also been used in real life. Think back to when World War II was happening, Hitler used to send messages to the nation of Germany and others saying different things that weren't necessarily true, but the people believed the messages because it was coming from such a powerful person. In the Hunger Games when Katniss discovers that there is a bird in every one of the Capital's reports from District 13 makes her think that they are using the same footage, but are photoshopping the reporter into it. This is a form of propaganda due to the fact that what they are showing to the nation of Panem is false. The first…show more content…
This is the same with President Snow. President Snow has much power over the districts. President Snow is not a normal president though, he is more of a dictator. People will listen to what he has to say not only because he is who he is, but also because they know they have to or they could be punished. The second fallacy is card stacking. The government stacks the cards so it looks like they are doing something good for the country, but really they aren't. They don't show what horrible lives the people who live in outline districts have. When you see a commercial on a T.V. in this story there will only be people from the richer districts, never from the poor districts. This makes Panem look like a good place to be living, but only the minority of the districts are nice and pampered. The majority of the districts have to go to work everyday, if that be in a corn field or in a mine, both can be dangerous in their own ways. The richer districts don't really think about where their food comes from and this is because they think that everyone lives like

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