Misery And Children Of The Corn: Movie Analysis

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No two movies are alike, no surprise. They all have their own different storylines, plot twists, and everything else. They are all different, but with all the films ever made, theres no chance that they can all be 100% unique. They all have there similarities and differences. It’s no exception with horror movies, who all have the horror aspect that’s the same. Two great movies to take and compare and contrast are “Misery” and “Children of the Corn”. With these two classics, there’s an obvious difference, which is the use of a supernatural force. With “Misery”, the only bad guy was Annie Wilkes, who isn’t very supernatural, just crazy. But in “Children of the Corn”, their God plays a role in the events of the movie. It wasn’t relient on how the story played out, but it definitely helped with the progression.…show more content…
All the kids knew that Burt and Vicky were comingthrough the pictures that Sarah drew, so they had time to figure out what they were going to do. In “Misery” though, Annie was just following Paul, and if he hadn’t gotten stuck, she wouldn’t have kidnapped him and try to kill him. After she had him, she knew what she was going to do, but before that, she hadn’t even had in her mind that he was going to take him. As far as similarities go, it takes a little thought. There seems to be nothing that’s relatively similar about the two movies, other than the fact that they’re movies. There’s a huge one though, and it’s the fact that they’re both written by Stephen King. “Misery” in 1990, and “Children of the Corn” in 1984. It definitely shows by all the dull colors and eerie essence of just about the whole thing. He definitely keeps his viewers on their toes and its no different for these two

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