Unregulated Childcare Centers In-Home Care

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A current social welfare problem is the use of unregulated childcare, or stay-at-home/in home childcare. Many working parents use in-home childcare due to its affordability and often its convenience of being located near home or work. However many in-home daycares are not equipped, prepared or properly trained to provide child care services, leading to fatal consequences. In this particular case, stakeholders would be identified as state/city government, daycare centers, and working parents. The state/city is responsible for providing training and administering licenses to childcare centers. Licensed childcare centers have spent countless hours and dollars to qualify for state licensure in order to provide reliable and safe child care services.…show more content…
This solution will ensure that in-home daycare centers are up to par with their residing state requirements to become fully licensed. This would make in-home daycare centers a safer and thus more reliable option for working parents with young children, yet still remaining affordable and convenient. States/city’s would offer discounted pricing to these small in-home centers, encouraging them to become trained yet licensed business owners. In order to protect the larger day care centers the state/city can require that in-home centers can only have one child per 100 SQFT, maximizing at 10 children per in-home daycare center. These smaller numbers and regulations would ensure the protection of larger, more profitable daycare centers, but would provide an opportunity for smaller in-home daycares to become safer, cleaner, better trained, and a reliable place for

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