Persuasive Speech Against Government Screening

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General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade audience to be against government screening Central Idea: By explaining how there is a huge chance the government screening communication channels wouldn’t even work, how easily government screening has so much potential to be abused, how easy it could convict someone who is innocent, and how the information that would be obtained about one for purposes you doesn’t approve, I shall persuade my audience how government screening would cause more harm than good. Introduction: I. Attention Material A. Our world is at a scary place today: terrorism from Isis, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc. And like Mahmoud Darwish stated, “Nothing, nothing justifies terrorism.” II. Orienting Material A. However the possible response of government screening communication channels in order to find terrorism is not a good idea. B. By explaining…show more content…
Body: I. A desire for privacy will be considered a tacit admission of guilt. A. Suddenly a lot of perfectly innocent things you did without thinking make you look suspicious, and you don’t get a chance to explain yourself until it’s too late (not a good approach to crime fighting) B. Anybody who disagrees with the program and wants to go off the grid (as is their right) either can't do so or is treated with suspicion by law enforcement. C. “Take off your clothes” example i. “Why? What are you hiding? Do you have scars, maybe a third nipple? ii. But odds are, there is nothing to hide. iii. It’s not my business to see what’s under your clothes. It’s your choice if you want me to see you naked. The government is taking that choice away from you. Maybe you don’t care if the government reads your emails, but other people do. They don’t think the administration has any right to go though private emails, even if they don’t find

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