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Immigration is action people take when they leave their country or territory of birth and move to a foreign country which they are not natives of or do not possess citizenship of that foreign country. Immigration is taken place when people want to reside at that foreign country, take employment at that country either permanent or temporarily, in cases of refugees and in many other cases. People have migrated from their birth countries to other countries for many years and in the past years the number of immigrants has reached to millions all over the world. Some of the top destinations for migrants are countries like Germany, with 20 million immigrants; Russia, with 11.6 million immigrants; Saudi Arabia, 10.2 million immigrants; United Kingdom,…show more content…
From 1609 to 1775 was the first immigration wave that brought immigrants from Europe in search of adventure and flights from religious persecution. It also brought the first African black’s as indentured slaves who were brought to the United States involuntarily. The 17th century attracted many immigrants from England with very few numbers of immigrants from other places such as France, Germany, Ireland and Italy. By the 18th century the number of immigrants increased with people from Ireland, Scotland, and Germany with a dramatically reduction from England immigrants. The second immigration wave happen in between 1820 to 1870 where the gold rush and the transcontinental railroad plus the Irish Famine that was happening in Great Britain and Ireland, were big factors of the wave of immigrants that migrated to the United States. The California Gold rush that started in 1840’s and the transcontinental railroad that began in 1862 attracted many new incomers from all over the world in hopes for better economic opportunities. There was a huge wave of Chinese immigrants that migrated to the united states to work. The third immigration wave happened in between 1881 and the 1900’s here the number of the population increased by the railroad companies that sent out agents across the Atlantic Ocean to bring immigrant workers to the United States making it easy for…show more content…
The top countries from where these immigrants came from were 15 percent from Mexico, 6 percent from Cuba, 7 percent from China, 5 percent was from India and the Dominican Republic. Making these five countries 35 percent of immigrants that received a green card in 2016. The Immigration Act of 1990 that established the Diversity Visa Program that aloud lottery immigrants to receive green cards has been a program that new presidential administration has been trying to eliminate. Based on the information provided By Jie Zong, Jeanne Batalova, and Jeffrey Hallock on the article Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States. About 12.4 million qualified applications were registered for both the Diversity Visa in 2017 and the Diversity Visa in 2016 programs. For the Diversity Visa in 2018 program, 14.7 million qualified applications were registered (23.1 million people including spouses and children), a 19 percent increase from the previous

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