Two Cheers For Materialism Analysis

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The Ways of Materialism In the article, “Two Cheers for Materialism”, by James Twitchwell, professor of English at the University of Florida, he contends “[because of materialism] most of us have more pleasure and less discomfort in our lives than most of the time in all of history.” He formulated this claim under the assumptions that the transformation of the mass-production market has changed lives for the better. Asserting that the inundation of possessions not only is desired by many, but it also grants happiness and comfort. It is plausible that materialistic behaviors bring nothing but bless and happiness. Many have developed numerous issues from one’s addiction towards consumerism through materialism. In actuality, materialism’s capability…show more content…
The emergence of the assembly line and then the mass-produced market flooded society with products. Nowadays, products are within the lives of everyone to ensure one’s complications to disappear. For instance, the invention of the internet is based on the need for speed and efficiency. The mass-produced market is all based on the public demands for faster and the latest model. For example, in the article, “Profiles in Splurging”, by Randall Patterson the story about Leland Pittman’s justification for his preference towards John Deere’s lawn mower because “but as far as durability and getting the job done, John Deere to me is the best available” (Patterson 48). This indicates not only the market’s desire to innovate advanced products, but society also desires and prefers efficiency and speed. Unlike the days of the old many complications are resolved easily and efficiently. Convenience is the motto within society. Now compare to before, people now are living a life of luxury with technologies constructing our lives to be convenient and as pleasurable as

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