Two Black Cadillac's Analysis

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In Carrie Underwood’s music video “Two Black Cadillac’s” the editor does a very good job setting the rhythm for the video. He controls the length of the shots perfectly letting you absorb the information from them and cutting them off early sometimes so you can just use your imagination and visually see what would happen in your mind. This is shown in the scene where the guy gets run over by the car, you never see him get hit you just see the before and after of the car which shows the dents where he was hit. He also uses graphic match cuts which are similarities between shots A and shot b in shape and form to create the same shape, color, and texture of objects throughout the edit. This is how a lot of the shots in the music video are set up like for example, when it jumps from the black Cadillac in the ally way to the black Cadillac in the cemetery at 1:23 to 1:26.…show more content…
The rhythm for Sherlock JR is much slower then Carrie Underwood’s music video “Two Black Cadillac’s” as shown at the beginning when you are introduced to the main character Sherlock JR, you are shown him sitting reading a book for a little bit and see that he is in a move theater which is his first job but then you see him pull out a magnifying glass and look at his finger print something a detective would do. Since this video was silent and black and white it has to go at a slower rhythm so people can absorb all the information still. The graphic match cuts in SHERLOCK JR are set up to make the movie go faster. After the slow intro where you are introduced to everything in the film, it speeds up in action and in what is going on. Sherlock JR would also like to win the heart of a local girl, though he is short of funds and must also compete with a rival suitor. The rival steals a pocket watch from the girl's father and pawns it to buy the girl a box of chocolates - a crime for which he frames our

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