Triage Nursing Case Study

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Triage Nurses The job of a triage nurse is to take assessments of patients arriving at the ER and put them on a waiting list. Triage nurses should be allowed to choose which patients have priority in the ER. Triage nurses more likely to admit patients with worse conditions first; they are also more likely to admit elderly patients before patients who are still in their youth. Triage nurses examine patient conditions and determine if the patient needs priority admission in the ER or if they will be able to make it through a short or long wait. If a patient with a broken toe had arrived at the hospital the same time as a patient who had been rushed in for possible internal bleeding, and they both had been sent in to be examined, it is obvious that the triage nurse should have been allowed to let the second patient be admitted into the ER first since his injury was more critical.…show more content…
It is important that patients receive appropriate attention and it is not fair to let seriously injured patients suffer more than they have to since large injuries can cause more damage to the patient or even death. Many patients come to the hospital with limbs that need to be amputated or replanted; it is critical that they do not have to wait hours before being admitted. Triage nurses hope to better patients outcomes by administering them in to the ER as quickly as possible according to their conditions and time that they have already been waiting. If a patient has to wait a long time before being admitted to the ER, he might start to lose hope. Furthermore, by having triage nurses, the waiting lists can be reduced. Triage nurses also have the ability to decrease the amount of non-emergency accident patients from waiting in the hospital by sending them to urgent care

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