Treatment Of Women In The Odyssey

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The women who lived in ancient Greece would know just how many more advantages men had over them. Whether they were left without any assistance or treated poorly, these women were never treated as equally as men were. Many of these situations occur in stories of ancient Greece, such as The Iliad and The Odyssey, and The Odyssey film. In both the book and the film, the women are not nearly as powerful as men. Because of this, men were seen as superior over women. In ancient Greece, women would almost never have authority unless they were royalty or divine. In fact, authority was like a chain: A woman was looked down to by a man, and a man would be looked down to by a goddess. A goddess would be looked down to by a god. An ordinary, mortal woman would almost never be respected unless she was a queen. Only then would a woman would be treated well.…show more content…
Sometimes, it would be a man with no care for the queen, as shown in The Odyssey film. Queen Penelope wished to keep her promise to Odysseus by marrying another man. After the disappearance of Odysseus, the men who house themselves in Ithaca constantly fight and argue over who should marry the Queen. This shows that the men did not have any concern for the Queen, as they were fighting over her as if she was an object. Meanwhile, goddesses could easily punish anyone who would show them rudeness. But even the power of a goddess could be ignored by a god. A god could still command a goddess, given that the king of the gods, Zeus, was a man. In The Odyssey film, Hermes was able to command Calypso, a goddess, to free Odysseus from her island. This was an order from Zeus himself, so Calypso obeyed. This is another example of how men in ancient Greece always triumphed over

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