Josh Dunn's Cabaret Play Review

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Cabaret “ Life is beautiful”, Emcee, played by Josh Dunn, says it both in the beginning and at the end of the play, Cabaret, directed by Danny Gurwin. However, people can’t always reach the life they prefer to. Obstacles always appear preventing people reaching their dream. The play takes place before World War II in German. It shows the life of a Cabaret performer in the beginning, and how the rise of the Nazi Power influence the life of the people living there. Clifford Bradshaw, an American novel writer, experiences the life during that period by having a close relationship with one of the performer,Sally Bowles, played by Ali Wood Moser. Although Cliff tries to go back to United States with Sally, she chooses to stay. Same as Schneider,…show more content…
The tone of the sound is totally different for the first half and the second half of the play. The change of the music express the change of the emotion of the character. The load music and provocative dance presents the boring lifestyle in the beginning. The song, Money, shows the eager of earning money. They can’t do anything without money. In order to earn money, Cliff goes to Berlin without asking what is the object he will take it back. The song, It Couldn’t Please Me More, presents how deep Schneider and Schultz both love each other. Even giving a Pineapple by Schultz, Schneider feels herself as the most happy person. After Ludwig says the reason why they can’t married, Schneider is disappointed. Schultz tries to persuade her showing that he can protect her, but the sound of breaking windows make Schneider afraid. The sound of breaking window actually the change in both Schneider and Schultz life. It is not only the sound of breaking windows, but also the sound breaks their heart, making them separate. Songs at the end doesn’t as joyous as songs in the beginning. Sound in the play actually represents the emotion of the character. It helps the audience understand that life is not always beautiful. Also, it emphasizes the time when the story happen. The music is all taking from 1930. Indeed, I like the sizzling sound when the word, Cabaret, first being lighted up. It

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