Transatlantic Slave Trade Research Paper

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In the American colonies, including Rhode Island, goods came from two different places: England and Africa; this was called the Triangular Trade. It was a system in which slaves, crops and other goods were traded between these countries. Slave trade was called the “Transatlantic Slave Trade”. It involved shipping African slaves to the colonies, trading them for goods and even selling them in auction. As a commercial and economic enterprise, the slave trade provided a dramatic example of the consequences from particular crossings of history and geography. It involved several regions and continents: Africa, America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Indian Ocean. The “Transatlantic Slave Trade” had three different stages, dividing them by the different…show more content…
One of these people kidnapped was Quobna Ottabah Cugoano, a former slave, who explained in an autobiography how slavers treated the slaves. “Slavers would attack us with pistols and threaten to kill if we did not obey.” Slavers made slaves walk long distances with their hands tied behind their backs and their necks connected with wooden yokes. Later, these slaves were traded for goods, as if they were just objects. On the African coast, Europeans bought enslaved people from traveling dealers or nearby dealers. The enslaved Africans were held until a shipped appeared and then sold to a European or African captain for merchandise. Goods such as weapons, gunpowder, pearls and manufactured goods like rum were traded for slaves. These exchanges lasted between one week and several months. Between these times, there were many cases of violent resistance by Africans against slave ships and their crews. For example, “free” Africans attacked the ship from the shore; in many cases, slaves started a riot on the ship. Ships would sail up and down the coast filling their ships with enslaved Africans. They were densely packed onto ships that would carry them to the West

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