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Karina Uz Genetics Lab U02 PID: 3736327 February 16, 2015 PTC Proposal Phenlylthiocarbamide Responsiveness and Smoking Introduction: Phenylthiocarbamide, abbreviated PTC, is a chemical compound that is commonly studied in genetics. This compound can either be tasted or not tasted by humans. When tasted it is said to have a bitter, acidic taste. This people sensitive to PTC are called tasters, while those who cannot taste the bitter compound are called non-tasters. PTC was actually discovered in 1931, when researchers in a lab complained that there was a bitter taste coming from the dust. This sparked the attention of the other researcher, Arthur Fox, because he found the compound to be tasteless. After further research…show more content…
With this said the students will be provided with a large medicine cup containing bottled water. This will allow the student to rinse after each trial to ensure accurate readings. After the tasting samples are distributed - PTC paper, Sodium Benzoate paper, and normal paper-a short survey will be handed out. Students will fill out the survey to better clarify which group they belong to: smokers or non-smokers. The students will not be told which sample they are tasting in order to prevent inaccurate or bias results. After proper rinsing the student should be given the first sample to taste and data should be recorded in the data table.The student should record a yes or no answer based on whether if they could taste the sample or not. The student should then rinse their mouth again and proceed to taste the second sample. Again results should be recorded and the student should repeat the steps for each trial until the fourth taste test is completed. After the last data is recorded, table one should be completed and properly filled. This ensures that the information collected can be used to complete a chi square. A chi square will help determine if there is a significant difference between smoking and the ability to taste PTC by using the expected and the actual value. The expected value is defined as being a 50/50 chance of tasting PTC between smoker and

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