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Toni Braxton and her ageless lovesick ballads The glorious year of 1990s had been the time when we all have come to adore and become addicted to Toni Braxton. Dubbed as the Queen of R&B, Toni Michele Braxton had been indelible to the public's mind because of her impressive contribution on her chosen genre. With eight studio albums released from her debut in 1993 until the recent Love, Marriage and Divorce with infamous artist Babyface in 2014, Braxton had established herself as one of the pillars of R&B. Working not just as a versatile singer, she also had committed into being swamped in songwriting, record producing, acting and as a household name in the show business. Toni Braxton had successfully cemented her name into the hall of fame bragging three wins at Grammy's including Best New Artist and a whopping 15-million mark on sales throughout her entire career. Truthfully, Braxton had taken her craft seriously and her songs are still…show more content…
Whenever that mellow music station catalogued their playlists for a single day, it will be no surprise that some of Toni Braxton's singles are included on the list. With her thick vocal chords and soothing take on slow songs, Toni Braxton had ensured that she would be indebted by millions of love struck and heartbroken listeners until the end of time. Clearly on the top of the league would be Un-Break My Heart not because this is the slowest song of all but due to the fact that this single screams of pain, anguish and drama connected to being in love and unloved. Toni Braxton had received the attention that she deserved through this track as she belted out the notes on the slow tempo and roared like a true blue diva on the song's bridge and refrain. The exactness of the song's message to a real-life struggle had not been possible without Diane Warren's prowess in crafting such heartfelt strings of

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