Comparing Play With Me Sesame And Hi-5

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Introduction: Play With Me Sesame and Hi-5 are two shows which take distinct approaches to children’s television, that are designed to achieve similar goals; to educate and entertain their young audience. Target Audience: The target audience of 3-4 is taken into great consideration when costumes are made and the script and songs are written. Additionally, the presenters of Hi-5 sport child-like clothing and hairstyles such as pigtails, overalls etc. to confirm to the audience that they are of equal likeness to them. Their clothing and the backgrounds they perform in are full of bright colours and shapes that further translate the child-friendly atmosphere to the audience. To a similar extent, the background framing Play With Me Sesame is saturated by children’s drawings, where when viewers see their own level of artwork, are encouraged to be artistic from it and mimic it. This age group will thusly learn and develop their understanding not only through audial, but visual means and…show more content…
These musical sequences are fruitful within both Play With Me Sesame and Hi-5, especially during the introductory musical performance establishes all the main characters of the show. Music is a major factor when it comes to children’s television as it has the ability to encourage children to get up and endure physical activity and can instill a sense of participation, strengthening remembering skills. Play with Me Sesame repeats the same title sequence song each episode in order to get children excited to watch it and sing along. This is achievable as the song language used is common amongst the 3-4 age bracket. In contrast, Hi-5 features a physical audience of children is visible dancing along to the songs throughout the introductory and end slate, prompting viewers to join in and replicate the dance moves, which are repetitive and easy to

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