Tommy's High School Dropout

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One late winter evening in NYC Tommy is waiting under a bridge to hopefully meet a new friend struggling with the same problem that he is having. Tommy has had a rough past living on his own since he was a kid, he can’t remember anything about anyone or anything that happened in the past almost as if he were brainwashed. Struggling with little to no money and no family to go and seek help he walks the streets and alleys to find someone to spend his time with, and find a possible job and make some money so he can make a decent living out of life. Tommy was a high school dropout because he was struggling to do well and was suffering with finding any motivation to finish something that he wasn’t even doing well at. For the past 4 months he was…show more content…
One evening he is walking down Grand street and he recognizes a kid from his high school classes, he immediately puts up his hood and begins to walk extremely fast past him but was stopped by something that struck great interest into his mind. The kid had mentioned the fact that there is a rumored ancient relic worth several thousand if not maybe millions of dollars that sits in the apartment buildings near the one that was taken by the government. Tommy then decides to sit on the bench that is near them acting as if he were to be waiting for the bus to come. The information that he found out is that the apartment address is 4763 Plestion St. and it is a family of four that has had the relic passed down through their family for hundreds of years. The mother is a stay at home mom and the father is at work Monday through Friday. He began to ponder on whether he should be able to believe this information that is just being given away, the bus then pulls up to the stop and Tommy becomes nervous. He didn’t want the kids to think that he had been listening to their conversation so he thinks that he has two options to either get on the bus or go wherever it takes him but then he soon…show more content…
and finds the Remingtown apartment homes and walks in looking for the signs to hopefully give him a clue as to where the apartment may be. He walks cautiously through all of the halls looking for the appropriate apartment number trying to take deep breaths to relieve all of the stress he is feeling at this moment knowing what he is about to do is a serious crime. He later then finds the apartment he is looking for and rings the doorbell standing straight just in case someone were to look through the window and wonder who it were to be. He waits for the longest 30 seconds of his life then he thinks about just walking away but then he begins to hear footsteps approaching the door. He hears the click of the door all in slow motion wondering what he is doing with his life, he doesn’t want to live the rest of his life knowing that he is a criminal. Although in the other hand he finds a little bit of motivation because he also doesn’t want to live the rest of his life on the streets extremely poor. The door begins to open and there is no going back now, Tommy doesn’t spend any time doing any greetings and immediately pushes the women back that opened the door and gathers all of the family members in the family room holding his knife out asking for answers as to where the relic may be. The family members all have no idea what he is talking about, but Tommy knew that he couldn’t go back now with just hearing the simple words come out of the family’s

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