Tom Sawyer: The Prequel To The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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Chapter 1: Huck breaks the “fourth wall” discussing the prequel to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It is found out that both boys found stolen gold in the previous book and earn a dollar a day off of interest from it. We also find out that Huck currently lives with a Widow who had adopted him because his mother died and his father is a drunk. While falling asleep he hears Tom Sawyer outside and the two meet up. Chapter 2: Huck and Tom sneak out and make their way towards a cave to meet up with “Tom Sawyer’s Gang.” The gang is intense for a bunch of boys, and the rules are largely made up of things Tom had read from his books. Chapter 3: Rumor spreads that Huck’s father died in a river. Huck isn’t sad about the news at all, and is instead worried when he hears that the body found in the river is not his father. Tom Sawyer’s gang ends after a month as there had been no actual robbing or killing which disappoints all members. Description of Tom’s wild imagination is given. Chapter 4: Huck finds his father's shoe print in the snow, gets scared and goes to the Judge to give all of his fortune to the Judge so that his father wouldn't be able to demand money from him. Later, Huck finds his…show more content…
During their trip they get into thick fog and separate from each other. After some time they meet each other again and Huck tries to trick Jim by telling him it never happened. Huck begins to have trouble with his conscious, debating over whether turning Jim in is the right thing to do. Huck encounters some men trying to find an escaped slave, he tricks them into not checking the boat and feels remorse afterwards, but knows that he would have felt just as bad if he had given Jim up. While traveling a steamboat comes buy and destroys their raft, forcing the two to jump out in order to not die. Afterwards they are split up and Huck is surrounded by

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