Tom Morris Narrative

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Royal and Ancient As the countryside melted away from the rolling hills and luscious green grass, a town loomed ahead, a place as ancient as time and deep as soul. We had finally arrived. The sky was blue and gold with spots of charcoal. We drove into the city that began in the early second century, the aged buildings made me feel like we were taking a trip back in time. I knew somewhere on the edge of this town, exceptionally remarkable piece of land was waiting for me. As the road snaked along with roundabouts it made me wonder if we were ever going to get there. The one thing I was truly looking forward to on this trip was supposedly at the end of this road. I was glued to the window waiting, looking, waiting looking, for a peculiar building. I just then saw a glimpse of the building, it was made up of lots of old grey stone bricks, I had only seen it in pictures and on T.V. . After seeing that beacon of hope, I knew that this day was only going to get better and better. I wanted to get out of that car right then…show more content…
Named Tom Morris she was the iconic piece that held the fabric of this course together. Three hundred and sixty one yards long and a perfect finishing hole for a tourist like me and the pro golfers alike. She was almost just like number one except for one detail, the famous Swilcan Bridge. This marked the end of your journey. Made entirely of old cobblestones, it is as old as the course. Moss was attached to the sides, weather warn some, people would say that it’s just an old bridge, but to me it connects the whole ball of wax from the early days of golf to the modern era of golf. From Tom Morris to Jordan Spieth, they all play the game where you make a little ball go into a tiny hole. Do it eighteen times and mark down your score. Something so simple, but so complex. That’s what the home of golf is about, simplicity of design but complex to
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