To Kill A Mockingbird Dialectical Journal Essay

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Celestial Garcia Journal 2 I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by, Harper Lee, and I am on page 42. This book is about a young girl and her brother with other families and extras. They are in a small town and all of them are poor. In this journal I will be predicting and evaluating. I predict the children will not meet Boo. I predict this because, of him being locked up. Also because, he was in a gang and he stabbed people. His house in general is just widely terrifying. By the houses looks, by its feeling when you are around it. Plus, everybody is running away from it when they get close to pass by it. Boo has made some choices in life like his horrific actions to where they do not want to meet him. Just, in real life the way he looks scares them. The kids…show more content…
His family is secluded, meaning not seen or heard from. Boos family possibly makes him seem scarier to the kids. He is quite just like his family and, he obviously scares the whole town. Boo, may be scary and secluded but he might have actual reasons and a broken heart. The kids and the town know what he did and does but that does not mean he is just a scary man who makes everyone uncomfortable. He might just need someone to be with and not always be alone and have people terrified of him. Even with that said, I predict the kids will not meet Boo. Walking in someone else’s shoes is difficult actually. Considering in this book, Scout starts school and she meets her teacher, Ms. Caroline. They were not getting along so well because, Ms. Caroline was not content with the fact that Scout knows how to spell and read because, Scout’s father is teaching her. When in reality, he is not. Their cooker and cleaner, ___ is the one who has been teaching her. Ms.___ is a more educated black woman back then. Well, more educated than

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