To Kill A Mockingbird Alternate Ending

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"Alright children," Zim's teacher, Mr. Baxter, said calling the room to a quiet."So tonight your homework is going to be a simple 300 word essay on love. Why we feel it, why we desire it and how it can change a person. Your essay can be literal or figurative." BZZZZZZZZZT, the final bell rang. "One last thing before you leave, make sure that you capture your true feelings about this assignment." Mr. Baxter said as the students gathered their belongings. Zim was so relieved to hear this sound. "Show time..." He said to himself quietly jokingly before leaving the room. As he walked through the hallway he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being followed. He turned around a few times, but saw no one that particularly stuck out in the crowd.…show more content…
"When I found out about why I was truly sent here, I was devastated. However, it wasn't the fact that I was getting banished or me being told it was a fake mission so bluntly after all those years of trying to destroy earth. No it was the fact that, starting at that point, I was truly alone on this planet. No one to report to, no one who I felt was smart enough to even talk to left for me." He paused. "Then during these past few years I developed these strange feelings and complex emotions that I had never felt before, and what was even stranger to me was that I only got them around you. As time went by and I observed the dating rituals of you humans, I began to understand these feelings and what they meant. The hardest part was accepting them because us Irken are not supposed to have these feelings, we are engineered to be workers and soldiers and nothing more. Those of us that do have these feelings are disposed of or banished, but I never had the feelings when I was part of the empire. So finding out that I was a failure from the beginning just made it all sting even more." "I didn't ask for your life story," Gaz said jokingly "but its good to know that your not just trying to get under my brother's skin by dating

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