Titanic: How The Televitanic Changed The World

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'Titanic' changed the lives of many people throughout the world. With 11 Academy Awards it truly deserves, the film brings joy to people's heart and tears to their eyes. A survivor of the sinking Titanic named Rose DeWitt, tells her story to a group of archeologists 84 years later about the gentleman who saved her life on that ship. The man's name was Jack Dawson. In 1912, boarding the Titanic was an "American Dream," and it was tough to get on it. Rose's family history was always filthy rich, so that gave her an advantage to get on the ship. While Jack being penniless, he wins his chance to board the Titanic in a game of poker. In 1912, everything was very elegant and classical. The Titanic is very well put together. The interior of it is very fancy and rich. The people of this time are very uncivil to the people who are poor. Most of the people who are living in poverty are the one outside of the ship. Rose is a very spoiled person, but miserable. By her expecting to be married to a rich claimant from her mother's demand, she is lost in the…show more content…
The bottom of ship that is filled with air to make the ship float smashes open and fills up with water. This cause the Titanic to sink within' an hour. Every passenger on the ship is horrified. As the ship begins to sink into the Atlantic Ocean, the lifeboats come in. The only problem is, there is not enough to fill all the passengers. People begin to commit suicide by jumping overboard, praying to lord to let them into his home, or putting a pistol to their head. When Rose and Jack figure out a way to survive they have to go through tough obsticles, but they seem to succeed. Rose is safely off the Titanic and is put on a lifeboat. On the other hand, Jack slips away and becomes deceased. Rose is heartbroken that the man who has saved her life is now gone forever. She then changes her last name to Dawson instead of

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