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The Combined Bomber Offensive: A Crucial Element to Germany’s Downfall In 1943, America’s strategic bomber forces conducted its greatest aerial offensive ever to date. While the bulk of Allied forces continued resistance against opponents in the Mediterranean Theater, strategic bombing became the solution to destroying facilities and equipment in Western Europe in the hands of the Axis powers - primarily Germany. Before the Combined Bomber Offensive was introduced, the Allies had established a chain of limited assaults against Axis targets. The primary reason why these raids were deemed a failure is the fact that heavy bombers were not in effect. The Combined Bomber Offensive became a critical factor for Allied success because it concentrated strategic support for the Army with soldiers on the ground, used the battle techniques of exhaustion and attrition to hinder the oil and military supplies of its opponents, and thus consequentially forcing the enemy…show more content…
The first critical component to accomplishing this was by destroying their manufacturing and oil industries. Oil is a key element in Germany’s war plan. Without the use of oil, this would create a catastrophic effect on the way supplies were to be distributed. For example, individual parts for tanks needed to be transported to different locations because German officers had to spread the distribution so it would not be collectively gathered in one area for the Combined Bomber Offensive to completely extinguish (Olsen 52). So Germany had to spend money and time on redistributing their supplies instead of making efforts to make an offensive. Germany had to reapportion its money and weapons to oppose the impact what the Bomber Offensive was doing to them. However, not only did the Combined Bomber Offensive disrupt war supply industries, it also hindered German aircraft facilities and

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