Throat Singing Research Paper

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Throat singing is a unique type of singing that utilities muscles within the body, and is mostly sung by natives and aboriginals. I think that throat singing is a type of music and not just a noise produced by the throat and muscles within the body. The two reasons that explain that throat singing is music are that it has emotions and melody. In order for throat singing to be music, the singers must enjoy it. If there are natives that throat sing that would mean that they must enjoy it since they sing it all the time. Throat singing would be considered a type of music because it can portray ones emotions and feelings as they are singing. That also means that you would have to enjoy throat singing in order to sing it, since it also requires a lot of time to produce that kind of sound. Throat…show more content…
If it is similar to throat singing, it would mean that throat singing portrays the singers feelings as well. The quotation also mentioned beauty, which states that operatic singing and throat singing would have beauty in the sound. That would mean that it has emotions, since a song would need emotions in order to sound beautiful. It also mentioned that throat singing has a high frequency range. This means that one can create more notes and sounds from throat singing, which allows the singer to show his or her expression in a greater way. Throat singing would also have to show ones emotion because throat singing was “Inspired to develop throat singing so

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