Thriving As A Tomboy Research Paper

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Thriving as a Tomboy Society accepts any guy wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts. Nobody would bother guys about dressing in a loose shirt and shorts. Girls live in a different world. All girls show off dresses, skirts, and sparkles everyday. This common misconception of girls prevails. Girls can attend church in slacks and a button down. Any woman should never experience feeling pressured about constantly wearing makeup or spending forever fixing her hair. Living as a tomboy holds no shame or need for regret. No child needs to fit a parent’s standard for appearance, including how she dresses. A girl has no need to be confronted for wearing t-shirts and basketball shorts. Teenage girls already experience stress from school and everyday life. A parent constantly criticizing how she dresses and how she acts only adds to the unnecessary drama and misplaced desire to meet standards. Other people’s judgment ruins her day and causes her to live under a looming, black cloud.…show more content…
Often times, the worst criticism comes from parents. The mom causes the daughter to feel worthless by yelling at her about the clothes she wears. Shirts hang loosely on her body. No fancy shirts besides button downs hang in her closet area reserved for nice clothing. Basketball shorts stuff dresser drawers, and t-shirts hang in the closet. She dresses like a boy. Truthfully, the type of clothing does not matter until it brings people down. A girl should find guaranteed love and comfort at home, a refuge overflowing with a family that truly cares for her in a world of hate and

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